Telecommunication Tower

We lease telecommunication towers as our main main business service, it includes; Planning & Design, Deployment, Management, and Operation & Maintenance of tower infrastructures. This Tower lease service is performed through build-to-suit and co-location site solutions.

Telecommunication operators constructs build-to-suit tower sites on order by, while leasing on existing tower sites is co-location.


Inforient infrastructure offers various type of construction towers structure:

3 legs communications tower

tele2 3leggedtower


When it comes to setting up telco towers we at inforient infrastructure have four major outstanding processes. They include; Site selection and identification, Site acquisition, Construction, mechanical and electrical, and Installation. These unique processes assists us to give our clients the precision their business needs.

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  • Step 4
Site Selection and Identification

Whenever a client informs our marketing unit of the need for a new site within a radius of a certain location, our regional management department analyses the site for availability and then drafts an Engineering Survey Report (ESR). The ESR usually consists of potential site coordinates, the accessibility and availability of electricity on the site, panoramic photographs, site access roads and topography. Immediately the telco selects a site, “Work order” is issued.
Site Acquisition

Next, we will negotiate with the property owner(s) and seek the consent of the local community for the tower construction, then, we’ll send an application for a license to construct or build to the local government or sub-province regulatory of the location for the new tower.
Construction, Mechanical and Electrical

Immediately the property owner(s) and the local government are in agreement with us, we will prepare the physical site for construction, lay the foundation, erect the tower, construct the fence, shelters, and then, install and connect electricity. Note that, these whole process is outsourced to third part contractors but wholly supervised by Inforient Infrastructure’s CME team
Ready for Installation

Once construction is completed, a Ready for Installation (RFI) notice is sent to the client. Upon the client’s acceptance of the tower construction (Site hand-over), another agreement is signed to commission the individual site. The accrual of lease and maintenance fees starts at Site hand-over execution. Subsequently, invoicing will then commence.

The Process from order to completion of build-to-suit construction takes approximately 90-120 days.